June 3, 2023

Morning Session: K-12
Time Presenter Talk title
10:00 AM   Welcome and Opening Remarks
10:15 AM Invited talk: Maya Israel
10:45 AM Devorah Kletenik Breaking Down Barriers: Empowering K-12 Students with Accessibility Education
11:00 AM Tamara Nelson-Fromm Task-Specific Programming for Introductory Language Manipulation
11:15 AM Aditri Bhagirath Interdisciplinary K-12 CS Education: An Integrative Approach
11:30 AM Invited talk: Olúwakẹ́mi Ọlamudzengi  
Afternoon Session: Social Justice
Time Presenter Talk title
1:00 PM    
1:30 PM Ryan Cunningham Ethics as a Technical Course
1:45 PM Kathleen Isenegger Mentoring High School Students in Computer Science
2:00 PM Shubhkarman Singh Empowering Equity in Computing Education: A Family-Centric Approach in Underprivileged Communities
2:15 PM Kevin Lin An Invitation to Reimagine: Empowering Students to Redesign Computing Problems and Artifacts​
2:30 PM Invited talk: Joe Politz High Standards, Multiple Tries – How I’ve Been Grading
3:00 PM   First Day’s Closing Remarks and Socialize

June 4, 2023

Morning Session: Accessibility
Time Presenter Talk title
10:00 AM   Second Day’s Opening Remarks
10:15 AM Invited talk: Jess Monahan Autistic College Students: Current Research & Recommendations
10:45 AM Brian Guerrero Social Justice and Computing: A Human Centered Design Approach
11:00 AM Emma R. Dodoo Teaching Computing to K-12 Emergent Bilinguals in Computing: Exploring Educators’ Perspectives and Practices
11:15 AM Turgay Korkmaz Increasing Student Sucess and Broadening Participation in Computer Science through I-FOCUS-CS, an NSF-funded S-STEM project
11:30 AM Invited talk: Lawrence Angrave Universal Design for Learning (UDL) & Web Content Accessibility Guidelines(WCAG): Modern challenges & opportunities of inclusive accessible learning and educational research
Afternoon Session: Community College
Time Presenter Talk title
1:00 PM Invited talk: Doris Espiritu  
1:30 PM Philip Guo Broadening Participation and Diversity in Computing by Unhiding the Hidden Curriculum
1:45 PM Bruce Elgort Teaching CS50 in Community Colleges and Beyond
2:00 PM Charles Hepler College Computing Classes: Some Things That Don’t Scale
2:15 PM Rongxin Liu Transforming Community College Education through AI-Enhanced Learning Models
2:30 PM Invited talk: Panos Hadjimitsos  
3:00 PM   Closing Remarks